Writer’s Workshop Notes So Far

-dvlpd in Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University

-teachers should think aloud

-students have lots of choice

-teacher: teacher/mentor: model writing techniques and conferring w/ student. teach one skill at a time. 2-7 min; direct writing instruction=mini lesson; then at least 45 min independent writing; also sharing of work; could be small group work, could skip

-mini lesson about 10-15 min: makes connection to previous lesson, teaches new skill, practice

-4 principles

  1. Write about own ideas
  2. Consistent writing process
  3. Work in authentic ways
  4. Foster independence

-Steps (1 month)

  1. Generating ideas (1-2 days)
  2. Collecting writing entries (5–10 days)
  3. Choosing a seed idea (2–3 days)
  4. Planning the draft (1–2 days)
  5. Revising to change the content and quality (1–3 days)
  6. Editing to improve grammar (1–2 days)
  7. Publishing the piece to share it with the world (1–3 days)
  8. Writing Celebration (1 day)

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