God Breathes Life Into Us

God is so good! He has blessed me with life. He has chosen me. He has saved me from my soul, blackened with sin. He has promised me that He will always be with me, to eternity. He will never forsake me. He feels my hurt with true empathy. He has made everything beautiful. He has given me hope and peace. Lord, I want to walk with you all the days of my life. I want to live a life that glorifies you. Number my days, Lord. Today is not about me. It’s about you. It’s me celebrating life, that you could so easily give and take away. Lord, I am not here to glorify me. I am not here to simply better myself for myself, but you have put me here to tell others the Good News. Lord, help me to live each day knowing that I can fly in your strength. Lord, give me the ability to think and to speak and participate in discussions and give me boldness not because I need it so I can feel good about myself and others can see how smart I am, but Lord, give it to me so I can share how you’ve worked in my life so far and how you are real and you are true. Lord, help me remember that my salvation is a gift. I can’t do anything to earn or lose it. I simply have to believe. Lord, soften my heart and help me believe and trust and let go of my desire to control. Make me desire to reach more people. Soften the hearts of d and M and L. Lord, I pray that they put their faith in you.


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