First Post!

Today is my 5th birthday! Of course it’s been way more than five years since I was physically born because who would expect a five-year-old to have a blog (that’d be a tad disturbing, wouldn’t it?), but I’m talking about a different kind of beginning…It’s been five years since I was spiritually reborn! And that’s what is important because it was when I first publicly professed my faith, and it marked the start of my relationship with God. God has really made himself known to me this past year. I have grown so much, yet I am still a child. A five-year-old child with so many questions.

But anyways, I had originally intended to create a new blog so I could have a place to store my notes for my soon-approaching comps exam. In this way, I would be able to access the info from any computer at any time and I wouldn’t have to worry about having to save the notes to different files, having to save them on a flash drive or constantly having to email myself. Additionally, I wouldn’t have to worry about losing notes. And I have no fear of having my notes exposed to the world because they’re not really personal!


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